I probably cannot express how much I love to watch the Fixer Upper Show on HGTV.   Since I know I'm not going to be moving to Texas any time soon, for my own Magnolia Home, I've just taken on the task of fixing up the houses down here at the shore.  

If you didn't know, I really got into the whole process when I was on site during the build of our Green Cottage and remodel of our Pink House.  It was easily one of the most fun and interesting projects I have ever managed!

No more major rebuilds around here, but I always look forward to this time of year when our work crew comes back on the weekends to plow through my punch list of items on each house.  The first weekend is always the hardest, getting back into the groove and sorting through all the supplies to see what we need.  My old friend Home Depot was happy to see me and we are looking forward to getting reacquainted again.  


Here is a sneak peek from the Yellow House, some new paint for the back and side porches. 

Looking good there Joel, keep up the great work!   We'll be ready to show off the spruced up digs in no time.