We were super excited to see the daffodils pushing up through the cold hard ground recently.  The birds have returned to our big Maple tree and the geese are back in town, on their journey North.  The Sun started coming out more often and slowly things are creeping back to life up on the boardwalk. 


Then, BAMM!  Grumpy Old Man Winter woke up from his nap on the sidelines and said, Heh kids it's time to party, I'm not ready to go to bed yet", and man did he come ready to party.  The most recent winter storms Riley and Quinn packed a punch down here at the shore.  Riley brought a ton of rain and winds so strong we thought our little Green Cottage was going to fall over.  Even the police had to come out when the party got to be too much. 

Of course, just when we thought it couldn't get any worse Quinn came a long, not to be out done.  Within a few minutes we had rain, hail, snow and this infamous thing called Thunder Snow.  It was quite spectacular, and so loud it rattled the bottles and glasses on the shelves.  Not sure we're done with the party, we've heard there is something else planned, although the daffodils will tell you differently.

So we're doing our best to convince Mr. Grumpy Old Man Winter it's time for bed.  Come on Spring, we're routing for ya'!